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Andry Rejoeline Wins Madagascar Presidential Election as per Provisional Election Result

Madagascar’s Provisional Election Results

Madagascar’s Electoral Commission on Thursday reported provisional result in the spillover presidential race, saying Andry Rajoelina got in excess of 55 percent of the vote while Marc Ravalomanana got in excess of 44 percent. The High Constitutional Court has nine days from Thursday to choose whether to affirm the temporary outcomes. Rajoelina’s adversary Marc Ravalomanana on Sunday claimed misrepresentation.

A little more than 48 percent of the nation’s 10 million enlisted voters cast their votes in the 19th December 2018.  Ravalomanana has impugned what he called “huge extortion” in the spillover and not long ago asked supporters to “safeguard” their votes.

The two ex-presidents — Ravalomanana and the man who expelled him in a 2009 overthrow, Rajoelina — had recently said they would acknowledge the outcomes, raising any expectations of a serene result and no rehash of the political confusion seen about 10 years back

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