Tien Chung-kwang with Neel Kamal Singh (Image Credit - CNA)

Taiwan’s logical Demand of WHA membership

New Delhi : Taiwan , on Friday, has donated 1 million surgical face masks to India to help protect front-line medical  warriors engaged in the fight against novel coronavirus. On May 4, a China Airlines (CAL) jet delivered a million masks to India. At Friday’s ceremony, Taiwan’s representative to India, Tien Chung-kwang ,formally handed over 950,000 of the medical masks to Neel Kamal Singh, deputy secretary general of the Indian Red Cross Society.

In exchange, Singh handed Tien an official thank you letter composed by the Red Cross’ Secretary General R.K. Jain. In the letter and in a speech delivered by Singh, the organization thanked Taiwan for donating the masks to help protect Indian medical staff during their fight against the COVID-19 .

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Indian Diplomatic sources said that ahead of key World Health Organization (WHO) meet , which will be held in Geneva on May 18, the PPE Kit donation policy was made against the Chinese inhuman control policy over Taiwan.

Taiwan government launched its first large-scale humanitarian assistance initiate in the wake of the Wuhan virus outbreak in April and has so far donated 25 million face masks and other medical supplies to the USA, Europe and 18 countries across Asia-Pacific region.

Taiwan has shown to the World that humanity always important for them.

However, Taiwan is not a member of WHO due to China’s own province claims. Taiwan excluded from World Health Assembly (WHA) summit due to inhuman Chinese policy which claims that the island as one of its province. Taiwan always claimed that it’s absence from the participation of WHA meet , not good for the health and well-being of Taiwanese as well as for the World.

Chain blocked Taiwan’s participation in WHA . Communist government of China claimed the membership of WHA ,a separatist move.

Meanwhile, Taiwan needs India’s support for it’s participation in the WHO meet which will be held in Geneva on May 18.

Already , United States and New Zealand has supported Taiwan’s participation at the WHA as an observer .

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