Indonesia Flash Floods leave several dead in Sulawesi Island

Indonesia Flash Floods picture (ITV SA)

Flooding triggered by heavy rains in North Luwu district

Jakarta : At least 16 people were killed and several are missing after flash floods left hundreds houses buried in mud on the Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. A search and rescue operations is underway to find those missing persons or swept away by Indonesia flash flood.

The flooding, which was triggered by heavy rains that caused three rivers to overflow, began on Monday evening, and has since affected more than 5000 residents of six sub-districts in North Luwa.

According to a Indonesian spokesperson, Raditya Jati, “as per the latest update from National Search and Rescue Agency, 16 people were dead and 23 others are missing”

Actually, Indonesia frequently suffers from floods and landslides particularity during the rainy season, often made worse by the cutting down of forest.

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