Philippines Coronavirus lockdown could lead to record 214000 births

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Covid-19 restrictions : failure of family planning

Manila, Online Desk : The small South-East Asian country Philippines could see more than 2,14,000 new born babies next year largely due to unplanned pregnancies and shortage of contraceptives. The projections by the University of the Philippines population institute and the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) , claims 2,14,000 more births to be born next year and it would be the country’s highest in over two decades.

According to report, movement restrictions imposed in March prevented both patients and medical staffs from reaching clinic for months , and are now causing shortages of condoms and other contraceptives in some areas.

Nandy Senoc, Executive Director of the family planning Organization of Philippines said that while his staff continued operating throughout the lockdown, all work has been negatively impacted. Government facilities officially remained open , he added, but in reality services were inaccessible .

Rocelle Casilla, a doctor at a rural hospital in La Union Province in the northern Philippines , said many of her patients could not get contraceptives that were due because of the lockdown.

She added “Women here prefer the injectable contraceptives, which project them for three months . Many of those who were due for new injections in April, during the lockdown, only came to us this month”

However, Philippines has recorded more than 35,000 coronavirus cases, with the national capital region, Metro Manila, the hardest hit. In total 1,244 deaths have been recorded.

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