7.4 magnitude earthquake struck in North East of New Zealand

Auckland : A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake has struck about 710 km northeast of New Zealand .It was recorded at the depth of 33 km about 6.19 pm local time , south of the Karmadec Island. Geonet says more than 800 people felt the tremor in New Zealand , but most of them uncounted weak to moderate shaking.

Before a Tsunami treat could be determined , New Zealand civil defence had reportedly asked some coastal residents on the Country’s north Island to move to higher ground as precaution .

However, Australia’ Bureau of Meteorology says there is no tsunami threat to the Australian mainland, Islands or territories.

New Zealand civil defence has also determined there is no tsunami threat to New Zealand and Fiji as well. However, the coastal areas may experience “strong and unusual currents and unpredictable surges at the shore”

7.4 magnitude earthquakes hits New Zealand
7.4 magnitude earthquake struck in North-East of New Zealand (

According to the report, The June 18, 2020 Magnitude 7.4 Kermadec Islands region earthquake occurred as the result of shallow strikes slip faulting near the Karmadec Trench where the Pacific plates begins its descent into the mantle beneath the eastern edge of Australian Plate.

The June 18 earthquake struck in an oceanic region with nearby populations, approximately 650 km to North of Bay of plenty , New Zealand.

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