Tony Jones tries to kiss Rebecca ; threatens to walk-off Channel Nine Set

Tony Jones tries to Kiss Rebecca ( Courtesy : Channel Nine)

I do not want to see it again : Tony

Channel Nine sports reporter Tony Jones tries to kiss Rebecca on live television show. Yesterday was Rebecca Judd’s last night of doing the climate before going on maternity leave. So, Channel Nine anchor Peter Hitchener said her good bye and good luck. That’s when their TV show colleague  Tony Jones slid into edge and put his arm around Judd, whose response was “Oh ! oh ” like that politely startled sound women make when confronting an awakard situation.

At that point Tony  Jones attempted to kiss Judd and accordingly, she whipped her head away so rapidly that he nearly toppled over. She then raised her eyebrows and said, “Okaaaaay!” It was the most savage and fantastic thing I have ever seen on Australian television.

Speaking to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Monday about the cringeworthy moment, Tony vowed to ‘walk off set’ if the network ever tried to broadcast the footage again.

Tony said on Monday: ‘Neil, can I put this on the public record, your show is the most listened-to radio show in Melbourne right, but I will say, if I see that played one more time at Channel Nine I will walk off the set. I do not want to see that kiss again

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Neil then challenged Nine News presenter Peter Hitchener to air the clip one more time to see if Tony would actually ‘walk off set’ as promised.

The episode with Rebecca occurred on Nine News Melbourne in August 2016, as Tony endeavored to give her a kiss on the cheek before she went on maternity leave.

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