While most won’t be flocking to the beach this Christmas, Weatherzone has advised Aussies not to let a spot or two of rain hinder outdoor celebrations.


Early predictions suggest Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart will be mostly cloudy with showers and storms forecast for some cities. “I wouldn’t let a chance of a possible shower ruin any plans,” meteorologist for Weatherzone Brett Dutschke told

Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide will be left to soak up the sun for the rest of us, with warmer conditions expected.

Here’s what all the major cities are predicted to see on Christmas day.

Christmas day weather forecast as of Wednesday 16 December, 2020. (9News)

Sydney is expected to reach a maximum temperature of 26C with showers scattered throughout the day.

While there is a chance of storms, torrential rain is unlikely.

South-easterly winds could see the temperature drop to a low of 19C.

“Sydney can expect comfortable temperatures and sunny breaks,” Mr Dutschke said.

“It’s possible parts of Sydney will stay dry, but showers will be scattered throughout the day.”

Christmas Day celebrations last year at Bondi Beach. (Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

The Sunshine State won’t live up to its name this Christmas with rain forecast for the Queensland capital.

“Brisbane has a high chance of being wet,” Mr Dutschke said.

“At this stage it looks like rain is likely to be on and off for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

Cloud cover and south-easterly winds will see Brisbane reach a maximum of 28C and a low of 22C. Unlike most of the country, Adelaide will be mostly sunny for its Christmas festivities.

The temperature is predicted to reach 34C, but south-easterly winds tending south-west could produce a low of 17C.

Mr Dutschke said while the sun will be out and temperatures above average, it is “unlikely to be extremely hot”.

Adelaide residents sunbathe on Henley Beach. (Getty)

“Showers will be around on Christmas Eve and even more likely on Christmas Day,” Mr Dutschke said.

Temperatures will “be comfortable”, predicted to reach a maximum of 25C.

It is expected to drop to a chilly 12C in the evening following easterly winds. Darwin will see showers on Christmas Day but “the days leading up to Christmas will be wetter than Christmas itself,” Mr Dutschke said.

Temperatures will be warm, ranging between 25C and 33C.

Southerly winds are expected as temperatures reach up to 28C, with a low at 15C.

“Cloud cover will be around on Christmas day but still a fair bit of sunshine,” Mr Dutschke said.

Melbourne Town Hall decorated for Christmas. (SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett)

People in Hobart will wake to mostly cloudy skies and showers will develop later in the day.

Temperatures will reach 22C.

North-westerly winds will become a fresh south-easterly in the afternoon, seeing temperatures drop to 12C.

“Generally dry, just a chance of a brief shower on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” Mr Dutschke said. Perth will be mostly sunny, reaching a maximum of 28C and a low of 17C.

“It will be warm to hot leading up to Christmas,” Mr Dutschke said.

“Christmas Eve will likely reach the low to mid-30s, but Christmas Day will be cooler with a change coming through.”

(Credit : 9News Australia)

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