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Cuba distinguishes 20 casualties of plane crash

Cuba distinguishes 20 casualties of plane crash

Twenty of 110 casualties of last Friday’s lethal plane crash in Cuba have been distinguished and the bodies were sent to their families for entombment, an authority said.

Cuba distinguishes 20 casualties of plane crash
Rescue team members work on the wreckage of a Boeing 737 plane that crashed in the agricultural area of Boyeros shortly after taking off from Havana’s main airport in Cuba.

Sergio Rabel, executive of Havana’s Legal Medicine Institute, told columnists at a public interview on Sunday that a substantial gathering of specialists were working round the clock to finish up the perplexing procedure of distinguishing the remaining parts, Xinhua news organization detailed.

“Up to now, we have possessed the capacity to recognize 20 bodies and told their relatives,” said Rabel, including five new casualties were distinguished between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Save laborers recouped 109 bodies from the catastrophe site, where the Boeing 737 plane smashed and burst into blazes soon after take-off from Havana’s Jose Marti International air terminal on Friday.

“The previous evening we completed the correction of every one of the 109 bodies alongside the assets they had on them, which will help us to recognize the casualties quicker,” Rabel said.

The plane was conveying a sum of 113 individuals, including six Mexican team individuals, on a household Cubana aircrafts trip between the capital and the eastern city of Holguin.

All of the travelers were Cuban nationals, three of whom survived, yet are in genuine condition.

As to five remote travelers – two Argentinians, one Mexican and two outside occupants in Cuba – Rabel said authorities have been in contact with the individual government offices and offices.

The distinguishing proof procedure of the casualties could take up to 30 days to close in light of the condition of the bodies, most with serious consumes and wounds, said Rabel.

Authorities don’t yet comprehend what caused the destruction of the plane, which was leased from Mexican contract aircraft Damojh.

Cuban authorities said they have discovered one of the two secret elements from the plane. Discovery holds key flight information and data about the end result for the plane.

The episode is Cuba’s most exceedingly awful air debacle in decades, and two days of national grieving started on Saturday.

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