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Drake Launches his new song I’m upset

Drake Launches his new song I’m upset

Drake Launches his new song I’m upset. we just got a new single from Drake and, well, he’s upset. We don’t know which of you did this, but hopefully you’re very ashamed of yourselves. While it might be tempting to connect this to the Pusha-T diss track he released yesterday called “Duppy Freestyle” (a beef would be a perfectly valid reason to be upset), this is not what seems to be upsetting him.


Using a clever Beyoncé reference, he seems to suggest that it might be a relationship gone bad, “Say she got some thing she gotta come here and collect, that shit is in a box to the left, to the left.” It also appears this is a regularly scheduled single release from the rapper’s upcoming album Scorpion. The single includes the reveal of the album’s cover art, which is a skeleton hand with a scorpion on it. That’s an image that would certainly make anyone upset.Drake Launches his new song I’m upset.

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