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Hardcore Messi fan from Kerala disappears after Argentina’s loss, suicide note found

The purported suicide note, found from Alex’s bedroom, said, “I have nothing else left to watch in this world. I am going to the unfathomable depth of death. Nobody else is responsible for my death.”

Apparently, the young boy had bought a new Argentina jersey just before Messi’s high-intensity match against Croatia and a 3-0 drubbing, in the end, turned out to be too much for the young boy to handle.


Alex was last seen by his mother around midnight when he was watching the match. According to reports, Ayarkunnam police station house officer Anil Kumar V S said, a sniffer dog, which was brought to Alex’s house in Arumanoor village, had traced his scent to the banks of nearby Meenachil river.

Kerala is famous for its football fever which goes to another level around the World Cup time as you find crazy football fans sporting the jersey of their favourite teams with their faces painted in those colours.

Teams such as Brazin, Argentina, England and France have fans associations even in hinterlands of the state. Huge flex boards with photos of star players or teams have come up everywhere in the state.


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