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Iceland’s Parliament Voted to Classify All Religions as Weapon of Mass Destruction

Iceland Parliament

New Meaning of Religion in Iceland

Bureau Report, Reykjavik, Iceland : What is Religion ? Do you believe that religion is the way of life or faith to a invisible super power. It’s does not matter , how you define religion . But Iceland’s Parliament defines all religions as the weapon of mass destruction. According to Iceland’s Parliament recent clarification Islam, Judaism , Christianity ,Hinduism and Buddhism are now in the same category as nuclear weapons, mustard gas and weaponized Biological agents .

Andrew Kanard is one of the law makers who voted in the favor of the new statute of religion argued that

Weapons of mass destruction by definition are weapons with the capacity to inflict death and destruction on such a massive scale and so indiscriminately that its very presence in the hands of a hostile power can be considered a grievous threat. Looking at the Crusades, the wars of jihadist conquest, or how evangelical climate denying oligarchs in America are destroying the planet, one realizes faith is fatal on a mass scale

While many religious groups are up in arms regarding Iceland’s move, the North Atlantic country reassures the faithful their right to practice the faith of their fathers will not be impinged on. Mr. Kanard refers to the measure as a sort of public health warning. “We passed a similar measure regarding Christianity a little while ago,” he stated. “We in parliament felt it necessary to let people know all religion is a mental disorder and a dangerous one at that.”

Iceland is also recommending those who are in a codependent relationship with religion to seek out a local chapter of Religion Anonymous (RA).

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