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Mission to get in shape: Trump trench steak, dumps cheeseburger

Donald Trump’s dietitians have swapped steak with fish, discarded cheeseburgers and added vegetables to the President’s plate to help him lose weight and fulfil his mission of shedding up to six kilos.

Trump, 71, has acknowledged in private that he needs to lose weight and embarked upon a mission to shed 10 to 15 pounds in January. He also agreed earlier this year to alter his diet and begin a new exercise plan, questioning whether exercise presents more risk than reward. “Inside the White House kitchens, chefs have been instructed to find ways to limit fat and calories in the dishes they prepare for Trump’s meals, including the lunches and dinners he convenes almost daily with members of his Cabinet, lawmakers, outside advisers or visiting foreign dignitaries,” the CNN reported.

“One swap repeat diners at the White House have noticed: Dover sole has replaced well-done steak, which Trump famously slathers with ketchup as his favourite meal… Vegetables have begun appearing on his plate, though it’s not clear how much of them he is eating,” the report said. Nutrition experts say a realistic weight-loss plan would begin with cutting 500 calories from Trump’s diet every day – which, if sustained, could help Trump shed one pound per week.

“It wouldn’t take much for him to just make a few key changes, like that steak or the burger. That could be the deficit right there. He really needs someone to sit down with him and give him a personalised approach so that it will stick with the long term,” said Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist and author. Trump’s most recent predecessors, including Barack Obama, were exercise fiends, a trait Trump has not continued. He says he can burn calories by playing golf which he does nearly every weekend with the assistance of a cart.

“Like people get on a treadmill, I go play golf,” Trump says

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