Most Shocking Reveals on 'Scorpion' - Drake’s New Album - Breaking Records

Most Shocking Reveals on ‘Scorpion’ – Drake’s New Album – Breaking Records

Drake’s new album, Scorpion, has been breaking records and speaking to those with broken hearts. One of the many guest stars to jump on is Jay Z, with his third feature on a Drake album, a verse on the track “Talk Up.” In the song, Drake discusses his childhood and insinuates that he has earned his place in world of rap, no matter how many people hate on him. Jay Z raps about his experience on the streets and his own rap career.
Most Shocking Reveals on 'Scorpion' - Drake’s New Album - Breaking Records
In in verse, Jay also takes a stab at President Donald Trump, with whom he has had some Twitter beef.
“I got you President tweetin’ / I won’t even meet with him,” he raps. He follows that line up with, “Y’all killed X and let Zimmerman live, shhh, s-streets is done.”
Jay Z previously referenced his hate for George Zimmerman on DJ Khaled’s “Top Off.” And okay, we get it, Jay is obviously voicing his anger with the system and the state of Florida for letting a young rapper die, but was unable or unwilling to lock up a man who murdered an unarmed black teen.
It was surprising that he somehow connected Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin to the young rapper’s death. Excuse us, but Jay, what the hell do they have to do with one another? Is it because they’re both from Florida? Because there is no other way that the two situations are in any way similar.
The “X” Jay Z mentions is the late rapper XXXTentacion, who was murdered at a motorsport shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida earlier this month.

XXXTentacion seemed to be an influential part of the new generation of rappers that have appeared in the last few years. But the 20-year-old rapper had a very troubling past, which brings to question why Jay Z rapped that particular line and if it was even necessary.
Up until his death, XXXTentacion (whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy) had been on trial for the abusing his ex girlfriend, who revealed gruesome details of how he treated her in a testimony, including threatening the life of her unborn child.

Jay-Z and Zimmerman, who was acquitted in 2013, have been feuding for some time, with Zimmerman in December 2017 threatening to “beat” Jay-Z and feed him to an alligator after a production team working for a documentary produced by Jay-Z sought interviews and footage from Zimmerman’s family, according to The Blast.

But there’s more. Jay-Z also throws shade directly on President Donald Trump and, according to some, indirectly on apparent Trump supporter Kanye West.

Here’s the first portion of the sequence, from the Drake track “Talk Up”:

“I got your President tweetin’, I won’t even meet with him.”

This line references Jay-Z’s dispute with Trump after Trump’s infamous “s—thole countries” remark disparaging African nations in January 2018.

Went the remark went public, Jay-Z, in a CNN appearance, called out Trump.

“Everyone feels anger, but after the anger it’s really hurtful because he’s looking down on a whole population of people and he’s so misinformed because these places have beautiful people,” Jay-Z said.

The day after, Trump tweeted, “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

Anyway, back to the verse on “Talk Up.” In the very next line after the Trump/Kanye diss, Jay-Z seems to call out the “streets” for killing XXXTentacion:

“Y’all killed X and let Zimmerman live. Streets is done.”

XXXTentacion, whose given name was Jahseh Onfroy, was 20 years old when was shot and killed in Deerfield Beach on June 18. Born in Plantation, Onfroy spent part of his teen years in Lauderhill before moving to Parkland after achieving success. Fans and the larger music world largely called him “X”, given the widespread confusion about how to pronounce his stage name.

In other XXXTentacion news, his mother Cleopatra Bernard posted a photo of her son’s final resting place on Saturday.

In other Drake news, the Toronto rapper was seen celebrating the release of “Scorpion” with an entourage of 50 at a Miami nightclub over the weekend.

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