Anti-Shia protest in Karachi (Twitter)

Shia Genocide amidst Kafir, Kafir, Shia Kafir slogan

Fear of strong sectarian violence eclipse the streets of Karachi as thousands stepped out in the massive anti-shia protest in Pakistan. The rally led by the Sunni extremists, affiliated with aniti-Shia groups such as Sipah Sahaba and Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan. The Sipah Sahaba are reportedly linked to the killing of Shia along with Hindu, Christian and other racial minorities Baloch and Sindhi.

The anti Shia protests in Karachi comes after some major Shia leaders in the Pakistan who allegedly made disparaging remarks against Islam in the television broadcast of an Ashura procession last month, according to media reports.

However, thousands of people rallied in Karachi in a massive anti-Shia demonstrations. Activists chanting slogans like “Shia are Kafirs (disbelivers)”, the rally members held banners of the SSP outfits, raising serious concerns over re-emergence of sectarian violence and Shia Genocide in Pakistan.

Afreen, an activist, took to Twitter and shared “since the start of Muharram, we have seen numerous Shia believers targeted for reciting religious scriptures and partaking in Ashura commemorations. This demonstrations should not be taken lightly when our brothers and sisters are being kidnapped and killed for their believe”

Meanwhile, Ashura commemorates the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein and his followers at the battle of Karbala in present day Iraq in 680 AD.

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