Berlin Rally : German People Rebel Against Coronavirus Restrictions

Berlin Rally Demonstration (Twitter)

Berlin Police Arrested Several Protesters

Hundreds of activists gathered in central Berlin, defying government Covid-19 lockdown measures and arguing the state is heading for “authoritarian rule.” The gathering was met with a strong police response

Some 300 protesters descended on the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz square in Germany’s capital on Saturday for an unauthorized rally against the coronavirus lockdown. The participants did not bother to observe social distancing guidelines and only a handful of them donned protective face masks.

Credit : Ruptly (YouTube)

The gathering brought people together with very different political views, as banners at the rally ranged from quite moderate pro-democracy calls to rather hard-line ones. One protester, for instance, was spotted carrying a banner reading ‘Vaccination is terrorism’.

Earlier this week, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court ruled that citizens can hold political protests if they follow social distancing rules.

(News Sources : RT)

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