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Taiwan fighter Jets ‘drove away’ Chinese plane

Taipei (Reuters) : Taiwan air force jets ‘drove away’ a Chinese fighter plane that briefly entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, reporting the third intrusion in week.

According Reuters report , The single J-10 fighter was given radio warning  to leave before the Taiwanese air force jets ushered the intruder out of the airspace southwest of the Island.

On Tuesday last week, the ministry said several Su-30 fighters , some of China’s most advanced aircraft, crossed into the same airspace and were also warned to leave.

On Friday, the ministry said a Chinese Y-8 , a propeller aircraft based  on a Soviet-era design some of which have been retrofitted as surveillance aircraft , was warned too by Taiwan’s air force to leave the airspace, again in the southwest.

The Y-8 fight came a few hours after Taiwan said it had carried out missile tests off its eastern coast.

Taiwan has complained that ,which claims the democratic islands as it own, has stepped up military activities in recent month , menacing Taiwan even as the World deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

China has not commented publicly of the last week of Chinese air force activity near Taiwan. Beijing routinely says such exercises are nothing unusual and are designed to show the country’s determination to defends it sovereignty .

China has never renounced the use of force to bring Taiwan under its control. One of China’s most senior generals last month said China would attack if there was no other ways to stopping Taiwan becoming independednt.

China is deeply suspicious of , whom it accuses of being a separatist intent on declaring formal independence. Tsai says Taiwan is already an independent country called the Republic of China ,its official name.

The United States of America has stepped up its military activities near the Island too, with semi-regular navy voyages through the narrow Taiwan Strait . (Reuters News)

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