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Epicenter of Terrorism Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Ridiculously Telling About Human Rights in Kashmir

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Imran Khan’s Interview With Trurkish TRT

As you know that one of the biggest threat to International peace and unity is International Terrorism. And it is well known that the main export business of Pakistan is to supply terror to break such concept of peace . In Baluchistan & PAK occupied Kashmir, there has no human rights . The economic conditions is too much worst in Pakistan . Human rights exploitation is a common issue in every single part of Pakistan. The value of debt is too much high there. But, this is really a ridiculous joking interview come out today from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent Turkey visit .

In an exclusive interview with Turkish Broadcaster TRT World , Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan hit out at India, saying it was being “brutal’ in Kashmir. He told to TRT media that “India Committing Human right violation in Kashmir”. Watch full Interview of Imran Khan in Turkish Broadcaster TRT World YouTube official channel .

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