Imran Khan offers cash transfer program to help India, trolled as ‘Joker’

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan (Twitter)

Our stimulus Package is as large as the GDP of Pakistan : India

New Delhi : Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan , on Thursday, has offered to help India in Aid Disbursement Services through ‘Ehsas’ programme . Based on a media report claiming that 84% of Indian households suffered monthly income decrease ; Imran quoted “I am ready to to offer help and share our successful cash transfer programme ,lauded internationally for its reach and transparency with India”

Imran Khan also tweeted “Our Government successfully transferred Rs.120 billion in 9 weeks to over 10 million families in a transparent manner to deal with the COVID-19 fallout on the poor.

Imran Khan offers cash transfer to help India

His another tweet –

In reply to Imran Khan’s offer , Anurag Srivastava, Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs ,India , said “Pakistan would do well to recall that they have a debt problem which covers 90% of their GDP. As far as India goes, our stimulus package is as large as the GDP of Pakistan”

However, after his tweets, Imran khan trolled by netizens. Paiman Barlas said “You make Imran Khan Prime Minister of Sahara in six months there will be shortage of sand.

Rocket Scientist tweeted “My sixth sense says that ‘Imran Khan and Arundhuti Roy getting best Cocaine in the World’

However, in April, 2020 , IMF approved the disbursement of $1.386 billion to Pakistan under the Rapid Financing Instrument to address the economic impact of the COVID-19 shock. Pakistan already a 90% GDP debt country. In contrast, India still not taking any financial help from IMF. More over, India’s stimulus package is far bigger than the Pakistan’s one year GDP.

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