King of Pop Michael Jackson’s 10th Death Anniversary , Fans Pay Tribute

Michael Jackson ( Instagram photo )

Today is the 10th death anniversary of ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. He was an American Singer, songwriter and pop dancer . On 25th June ,2009, Michael Joseph Jackson died from a cardiac arrest in Los Angeles . The undisputed ‘special person in the world ‘ Michael Jackson’s untimely death is still considered to be one of the biggest looses in the music community. The man who taught the true meaning of “Moon Walk” to the world, has managed to win the hearts of millions of people across the World. On his 10th death anniversary fans trying their best to pay tribute to the ;King of Pop’. Today Jackson’s lovers from entire corner of the globe , come down to streets to showcase their talent , dress up like Jackson and take up his pop style form. Michael Jackson still alive as ‘Pop Lord‘ .

Ten years after the death of Michael Jackson , his Hollywood star is still a top tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

Michael Jackson died on 25th June ,2009. He had 3 children. He was accused on child molestation in the year 2003 and was even arrested for the same. But , he got a clean chit in the year 2005. Jackson death was caused by a propofol (drug) overdose . News of his death spread quickly online , causing websites to slow down and crash from users overload. On 25th June 2009, due to spread of Jackson’s death, websites including Google, AOL instant Messenger , Twiter and Wikipedia received unprecedented strain. Web traffics rose by between 11% to 20% in a single day. This statistic showing the fact of Michael Jackson’s popularity . The King of Pop still alive on millions hearts .

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