Paris reopening urban beaches for summer tourists with slightly different manner

Paris Urban beach Volleyball (Pixabay)

Paris seaboard urban beaches to open with sanitary measures

Paris : France capital city’s mayor Anne Hindalgo announced on Sunday that Paris Plages urban beaches along the banks of the Seine will go ahead this summer as usual ,respecting covid-19 sanitary measures and social distancing. The urban beaches which transform riverside and canal bank areas into mini seaside resports complete with sand, deck chairs, ice cream stands, petanque , and swimming areas will run from July 18 to late August.

In her massage to station RTL , mayor Hindalgo said “This summer, many Parisians will not go on holiday. Many visitors might come to Paris ,especially from other French regions rather than abroad, and we really want to welcome them and keep this festive spirit up in Paris”

However, mayor Anne Hindalgo stated “this year urban beaches will’be ‘slightly different’ due to health precautions in place to keep the coronavirus pandemic under control.

She also specified that an effort would be made to help restaurants. “On the Bassin de la Villette , I wanted to give a positive response to all restaurateurs .. who need us to resume this activity as quick as we can tomorrow if possible”

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