Saudi Women Now Get Divorce Confirmation by SMS : 7 Things a Women Still Not Do ?

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Saudi Arabia is undergoing a liberalization push

Divorce Policy in Saudi Arabia . A new regulation starting from 6th January 2019, Saudi courts must notify women by text massage about ruling confirming their divorce .The text massage will include the divorce certificate number and the name of the relevant court where woman can pic up the documentation. Saudi Women also can find out their marital status through a website. These measures approved by the Saudi Arabia Justice Ministry to be aimed at curbing cases of men secretly ending marriages without informing their wives .

The new measure ensures women to get their alimony rights when they’re divorced . In a silent mode , Saudi Arabia transforming towards a liberalization push. The new step is a part of economic and social reforms pushed by crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Remember, last year, Saudi Women celebrated taking the wheel for the first time in decades as the Kingdom overturned the  female motorists ban.

What can a Saudi Woman Still not do ?

There has many thing that a Saudi woman can’t do without permission from a male guardian .These things are

  • Applying for Passport
  • Travelling Abroad
  • Getting married
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Starting certain business
  • Getting Elective Surgery
  • Leaving Prison

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