Solar Eclipse July 2019 : Majority of the Eclipse will be happening over the Pacific

Solar Eclipse (file photo)

Last Solar Eclipse in 2019 

Last Solar Eclipse in 2019 will be visible on 2nd July. The Solar eclipse will begin off the coast of New Zealand with Chile and Argentina in the path of totally . July Solar Eclipse is not likely to be visible in India. Majority of the eclipse will be happening over the Pacific region. The partial solar eclipse is likely to begin at 10:25 PM (Indian Standard Time-IST) .

The Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between he Sun and the Earth. , so that the visible disk o Sun is covered by Moon. Maximum coverage during the eclipse is likely to occur in South Pacific around 1080 KM north of Easter Island.

The Solar Eclipse July 2019 will be visible during sunset in South Pacific Ocean and South America. The Andes and parts of Argentina and Chile are likely to witness the Solar Eclipse. Eclipse will not be visible from India because it will happening during night time.

News Source : NDTV

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