Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

The first Lunar Eclipse in 2019 and also the last total lunar eclipse until 2022, going to happening on 21st January 2019 (Sunday) . Most of the world will be able to catch a glimpse of the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” lunar eclipse . The Sunday night lunar eclipse will be best seen from Europe , Central Asia , Southern and Norther America and Indian Ocean in Africa. This Big Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will not be visible from South & East Asia (including India , Bangladesh, Pakistan ,South Korea ,Japan etc) and Australia Continent .

The total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse can be best seen from the Northern and Southern  Americas and parts of Western Europe . The next total Lunar Eclipse visible from America ,Canada & Mexico will occur in May 2022.

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The Blood Moon total Lunar Eclipse is set to begin at 2.36 A.M (G.M.T) and best time to catch the maximum eclipse is around 5:12 A.M (G.M.T) . The Full Moon will be red between about 4:40 A.M and About 6:45 A.M (G.M.T) . Royal Museums Greenwich will host a Facebook Live event from 4 A.M , where you can view live Full Lunar Eclipse .

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