Whatsapp is facing some privacy settings issues

Thousands of users around the World are reporting technical issues with massaging application Whatsapp. The issue on Whatsapp is causing users ‘last seen’ status to appear hidden ; users can’t see if a person is online. Also, the last seen has also been switched to ‘Nobody’  .

Multiple users took social media and suspected that their Whatsapp accounts were hacked, as the privacy settings had changed automatically.

Actually, the feature allows people to decide who can see when they were last active on Whatsapp , with ‘everyone’ as the default option.

There is also a option to set the last seen as contacts only or for nobody to be able to see it.

Users of the massaging app reporting that their ‘last seen’ had switched from ‘everyone’ to ‘nobody’ without their knowledge.

In addition, people are unable to change it back to ‘everyone’ -any attempt to revert last seen prompts a massage reading “Whatsapp was not able to change privacy setting .Please try again later”

A Whatsapp user Gagan Arora tweeted with image” #WhatsappDown My last seen has been not working its set to None and Change to Everyone As its showing error like this “Failed to update privacy settings, please try again later’ . Whatsapp down in India : Online status, privacy settings face issues”

Actually , the glitch appears to have affected the ability to see when a person is in the process of typing back , which usually informs users at the top of the Whatsapp.

The company not issued any official statement regarding the ‘technical’ issues.

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