Wooden Statue of Melania Trump in Slovenia left blackened after being fire

A wooden statue of U.S first lady Melania Trump has been burnt down in her home town Sevnica of Slovenia. The incident happened on July 4 as Americans celebrated its Independence day. The statue has been removed from its point after vandals set it on fire.

Brad Downey, the Berlin based American artist who commissioned the sculpture of Melania Trump, told Reuters that police told him what happened the day following the incident. He told the wooden statue was blackened and disfigured.

Downey said “I want to know why the did it”. He told Reuters that he hoped the sculpture of Melania Trump would spark conversation about political issues in the United States, namely regarding immigration.

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Downey said he filed police report and is hoping to interview the person or people who burned the sculpture for a film he is working on.

The Melania Trump’s wooden sculpture is dressed in the same light coat that she wore at her husband Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration.

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