Santa Cruz 'Black Lives Matter' street mural

‘Hate Crime’ -BLM Street ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural is damaged

Santa Cruz: Local police investigators have arrested two men in connection with the Friday night vandalism of a ‘Black Lives Matter’ street mural in downtown, Santa Cruz.

Brandon Bochat, 20, of Santa Cruz and Hagan Warner, 19, of Boulder Creek, were arrested Saturday, each being charge with one count of felony vandalism and one count of conspiracy to commit a felony. Investigators determined that Bochat and Warner took turns driving their vehicle during the commission of the vandalism, reported.

However, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural painted on a street has been vandalized by vehicle tread marks across the paining on Friday night. The mural is located at 800 Centre St. in Santa Cruz.

Investigation officers have been investigating throughout Saturday, and with assistance from community members, law enforcement members were able to obtain video of the crime, in which a vehicle is intentionally ‘burning out’ and applying tire tread marks across the length of the street mural.

Both suspects have been booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.

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