20 Products From Amazon That Pit Bull Owners Swear By

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Tough-to-destroy toys, skin-soothing shampoos, and everything else your pit bull needs to live their best “pittie” life.


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A tree-mounted bungee rope toy, for when your pittie needs to burn off extra energy between walks and playtime. The toy allows them to play solo tug-of-war, or pull on the rope and chase it when it snaps back.

Promising review: “Great item for the price! My dogs love it. They are pit bulls and this toy is sturdy so far. They pull, tug and bite on this thing! Bounces back from their biting and letting go, so they love it. Good exercise for them.” —Rachael A.

Price: $29.89 (available in two colors)


A large Chuckit ball that’s durable enough for heavy chewing, and won’t break off into dangerous pieces that your pit could swallow. It also floats, so you can use it for playtime by the water.

Promising review: “These ChuckIt balls are awesome! My dog is an 11 month old pit bull, so she is a STRONG chewer. She loves tennis balls, but she can tear them up very quickly, and I worry about a foreign object hurting her if she ingests part of it. She has gone to town on this ball, and it doesn’t have a dent on it. It is VERY strong and pliable. She loves to play fetch with it, as well.” —Tasha

Price: $7.95+ (available in multi-packs)


And a Chuckit ball launcher, because it can throw the Chuckit ball (or a regular tennis ball) way farther than you can on your own, which will help your little buddy get more exercise.

Promising review: “I have a pit bull who loves playing fetch, and this really throws it far (it helps to tire him out).” —Amazon Customer

Price: $4.99+ (available in seven sizes)


An indoor/outdoor elevated dog bed, so you can keep your pupper cool in the summer by lifting them off the hot ground.

Promising review: “I have two very large dogs and they use this daily. I have an 80-pound Dalmatian/pit mix and a 50-pound pit, and they both fit on this. It’s very large and great quality. We’ve had it for about four months now and it’s still in perfect condition. BONUS: I get to have all the room on the couch I need again. It’s also great for hot weather. We live in Florida, and they keep cool because it’s a breathable material. Great value for the quality. I’m still impressed.” —Jamie Wesson

Price: $19.99+ (available in five sizes and two colors)


A Barkbox orthopedic memory foam mattress that lets pitties of all ages feel comfy all night long — especially older ones who experience joint pain.

Promising review: “My old pit loves his new bed. He has arthritis in his knees, and his hips and back are taking the strain of walking around. He hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. First night on this bed, he slept all night. He is stretching out on this bed, whereas he had a hard time getting comfortable on his old bed. We are impressed with this bed. Would highly recommend it.” —TJ Mac

Price: $27.49+ (available in five sizes)


A large dog slow feeder, for pit bulls prone to gobbling down their food as fast as caninely possible.

Promising review: “I like these slow feeding bowls. I have two pit bulls who eat wayyyyy too fast, and we were having a whole bunch of ‘scarf and barf’ going on. These bowls are perfect because the shape of the bowl really keeps both of my dogs from eating too fast. We haven’t had any ‘scarf and barf’ incidents since we started using these. I also like these because they’re big enough to hold three cups of food without the food spilling out. Good-sized bowls for large dogs. You can’t beat the price, either!” —Amazon Customer

Price: $10.99+ (available in eight colors, individually or in sets of two)


A handmade wool sweater for keeping warm on long winter walks, since your pit bull’s short fur doesn’t provide much warmth during the cold months.

Promising review: “This is my second purchase for my dog. He’s a blue nose pit/mastiff and weighs 130 pounds and we bought him 3X. Fits him like a glove!!! Bought him a 2X back in 2015! He outgrow it obviously…I love this sweater, it’s super comfy, warm, adorable and the quality is great.” —Kimberly

Price: $20.38+ (available in eight sizes)


A durable rubber tug toy, because many pit bulls are power chewers, and likely to totally demolish a traditional rope tug toy fairly quickly.

Promising review: “I waited to review to test out durability with my two pit bulls who tear up EVERY SINGLE TOY IN MINUTES! Even ones rated ‘indestructible.’ This is a MUST-HAVE FOR PARENTS OF POWER CHEWERS!!! Not only is it still fully intact, it looks new! They chew on this constantly and can’t do any damage!!! This is a hidden treasure!!!” —Penelope Rouse

Price: $27.95


A set of Hands-On grooming gloves that gently remove your pup’s loose fur, without using any sharp comb teeth that might snag or irritate their skin. Even though pit bulls aren’t the heaviest shedders, grooming them regularly helps keep their coat and skin healthy.

Promising review: “These gloves fit nicely and work like a charm. They do not hold the fur, but loosen it so that it falls off. It is like a fur snow storm when I brush my pit bull with these gloves, so I do it outside. These gloves reduce the amount of shedding in the house significantly because they remove loose fur so well. Need to brush both with and against the grain of the fur for them to work best. My dog loves the rubdown he gets when I am brushing him down. I would recommend these.” —Karl Hopfer

Price: $24.99+ (available in four sizes and five colors)


Or a bristle brush, because it removes loose fur and distributes the natural oils in your pittie’s coat.

Promising review: “I rarely write reviews, but this brush is great! My pittie is extremely sensitive and hairy. She needed a brush that could help remove loose fur but also didn’t hurt her. She hated every other brush I tried, but she loves this one! Highly recommend for all the sensitive pit bulls out there.” —Caitlin Sellers

Price: $8.27


A rubber stick chew toy so tough, it can withstand the most aggressive nibblers.

Promising review: “My APBT has the habit of destroying everything. He’s had this habit since birth. When he was young, we bought him the original Goughnut stick. This was the only toy he could not destroy. He took this thing everywhere with him. Almost four years later, it started to show it signs of giving up. We purchased this one and it has performed just as well — actually, even better. These things are amazing for large dogs with huge bites. It lets them truly enjoy themselves without the fear of breaking or ingesting a harmful piece.” —Alex Rodriguez Jr.

Price: $32.93+ (available in two sizes)


A toothbrush for larger dogs, because pits can be prone to dental problems if their chompers aren’t cleaned regularly.


Promising review: “I have two pit bulls and a German shepherd, and these things work pretty well…though getting my dog to cooperate is another story. Their teeth look way better and smell better since I’ve been brushing them.” —Ted

Price: $9.99


A comfy, adjustable, reflective harness with a built-in handle, so if your pittie tends to get over-excited by stimuli, you can increase your control.

Promising review: “This harness fits my 60-lb boxer/pit mix PERFECTLY! What I like most is the security of knowing that I can literally carry my dog if need be, and the strap will hold! Bought a second one for a dog we’re adopting. The 2-inch buckles are fantastic!” —Bone

Price: $18.99 (available in two sizes)


A soothing, aloe-infused shampoo, because pit bulls are prone to skin sensitivities and allergies, and need a little help staying moisturized.

Promising review: “I live in the desert and the high alkaline can be murder on my pit bulls’ skin/fur. This shampoo is the best! It immediately improved their dry and flaky skin. They stopped scratching, and it smells wonderful. It lathers nicely and goes a long way! Absolutely love it.” —the Allens

Price: $15.89


A heavy-duty nylon leash that has padding on its two handles—one for regular leash walking, and one close to the collar, for training or when you just need to keep your dog close.


Promising review: “I bought this leash for my headstrong pit bull, because my hand was constantly hurting/swelling from having to wrap her leash so tight around it to keep her close to me or to keep her from pulling. This leash is incredibly comfortable on my hand if the need to wrap does arise, and when I need to keep her close, the secondary handle is the perfect length. I will be buying more of these in the future for other dogs.” —Synie Havok

Price: $13.95 (available in three colors)


A cozy, waterproof blanket for pit bulls who love burrowing, getting under the covers, and being swaddled like the sweet babies they are.

Promising review: “It’s so soft and cozy that I want one for myself. It’s the perfect size for my 80-pound boxer/pit bull mix. He loves to snuggle in it!” —Amazon Customer

Price: $24.99+ (available in four sizes and 17 colors)


An elevated, weighted, no-tip food bowl, so even if your pup is an enthusiastic eater, you can avoid mealtime messes.

Promising review: “I was looking for a good bowl that’s plastic and stays in place. I needed one that wasn’t too noisy, as my pit bull isn’t liking the metal bowls anymore as she ages. She is definitely a bowl pusher, so I’m glad they make something like this. She likes it and it stays in place. Stays clean.” —Jen

Price: $24.95+ (available in two sizes and seven colors)


A rechargeable LED light collar, so you can keep track of your furry friend while hiking, camping, hanging around the backyard, or even just walking around the house at night.

Promising review: “My pit bull is all black, and we walk two miles after I get home from work. Even though I carry a flashlight, we have spooked many people on our evening walks. I thought this was the perfect solution. This collar is fantastic! It’s bright enough for people to see her from a distance, but not so bright that she is bothered by it. It has three settings, although I only use the solid light setting. I use a harness as well, so I don’t have to attach the leash to the collar. I also love that it’s rechargeable and I don’t have to mess with battery replacements. I also put this on her when we are visiting my sister and my dog is out in her much-larger yard. I can see where she is, and don’t have to head out with a flashlight looking for her. I would definitely recommend and already have recommended this product to many other dog owners. Love it!” —Kristine Livingston

Price: $17.99 (available in six sizes and six colors)

Promising review: “Great for picking up your dog’s mess in the yard with ease. I have a medium-sized pit bull, and it can handle her ‘business.’ Love the idea of the bags, and the handles on the bucket that keep it in place with easy bag removal. The rake is pretty sturdy and not flimsy.” —Stephanie

Price: $17.95

Promising review: “I tested the West Paw Tux with a large pit bull and a mastiff. They love the texture. The rubbery material satisfies their craving to chew, so they don’t even try to tear them apart. After months of use, the toys are intact, with only tiny fissures visible. The inside has curved walls where you can spread peanut butter. It takes longer to lick out because the peanut butter stays put, and the dog has to keep licking and licking. I like to insert some large, flat dog biscuits that have to be pulled out, for an extra level of activity. I highly recommend these for serious chewers.” —Consuela

Price: $15.95+ (available in two sizes, three colors, and with or without treats)

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