21 Random Things Australians Freaking Love For No Apparent Reason


1. Saying “a hundred per cent.”




Swear-filled ad libs in iconic songs.

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There’s nothing quite like being in a crowd full of people and swearing in unison at the top of your lungs.


And swearing in general.

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In Australia, “fuck” is a noun, a verb, an adjective AND an adverb, and the c bomb is a term of endearment.


Spag bol, particularly your Ma’s.

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Only Australia could make an Italian dish a dinner staple and give it such an unattractive name.


Beetroot, especially on burgers.

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And specifically, the tinned variety. A must for burgers, salad, or just eating on its own…


Big things. Many of them.

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When celebrities grace us with their presence.

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That’s Zac Efron, lying in a hammock, in Australia. Because he lives here now. Which means he’s ours forever. That’s just how the rules go.


Or we’re noticed by other countries in any way.


We literally turn into the Leonardo Dicaprio pointing meme whenever a TV show, movie, or foreign news network remembers we exist. Validation! We crave it.



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Nobody — no other single country in the world — loves P!nk as much as we do. She’s practically Australian at this point too.


The soundtrack of the 2000 road trip film Duets.

Buena Vista

This movie was a FLOP, but the soundtrack went off in Australia, with its singles topping the ARIA charts for weeks. No other country got into it. What is wrong with us?




We’re so enthusiastic, they took pity on us and actually let us participate, even though we are not remotely part of Europe.


Doing the Nutbush.


Just try to hold an Australian back from the dance floor when this banger comes on.


Arguing over what we call things.

If you were present for the Great Potato War of 2014, you know. For some reason, Australians can’t comprehend that people in other parts of the country have different names for things, and we just love screaming at each other about it.

(It’s potato scallops, fyi).


The hallowed church of Bunnings.

Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

Is it our DIY culture or our love for a sausage sizzle that has cemented this place in our hearts?


And Kmart. / Jenna Guillaume

The fact that, when restrictions eased in Melbourne, the very first thing that trended was “Kmart” — and people literally made appointments and queued to visit the hallowed store — speaks volumes about its place in our culture. It is our culture.


And don’t forget Aldi.

Jeff Greenberg / Education Images/Universal Image

Woolies and Coles may be Aussie grocery mainstays, but Aldi is on a whole other level. You definitely have at least one family member who likes to show off their latest bargain from Aldi whenever you speak to them.



Nothing brings a tear to the eye as an Australia like someone telling the Prime Minister to move because he’s wrecking his grass
We’re an extremely suburban country, so it’s no wonder so many Aussies have an obsession with grass.


Macca’s Drive Thru.

Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

If you don’t go on a Macca’s run as soon as you get your license, are you even Australian?


Goon, especially when fixed to a washing line.

Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

Only Australians would be extremely proud of drinking shitty, cheap wine from a silver bag in a box.


And finally, trolling non-Australians — and especially Americans.

Andrew Merry / Getty Images

That’s not a koala, fyi. That’s a drop bear.

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