29 Pet Products From Amazon That May Not Be Exciting, But Are Incredibly Useful

Promising review: “I never thought I’d be leaving feedback on something like a litter scoop, but I really am happy with this purchase. I had purchased some OkoCat litter (the paper pellet, nonclumping kind) and I quickly discovered my standard kitty scoop was too small to properly let the pellets through. So, after trying unsuccessfully to find a larger scoop in town I tried this one.

I have to agree, even seeing the measurements, it simply doesn’t prepare you for the behemoth that is this scoop. I feel like I could fit a quarter of the entire litter pan into the bowl if it were solid. But, the wide circular holes are absolutely perfect for letting the large litter through while keeping the poop contained. Occasionally a really small turd might slip through, but I can usually just catch it and roll it against the side of the scoop for disposal. I’m really happy with it thus far, but I haven’t had it all that long.” –CasualOtaku

Get it from Amazon for $5.33 (available in four colors).

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