34 Things That’ll Help You Get More Sleep In 2021

2021 is gonna be a snooze fest.


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A two-pack of shredded gel memory foam pillows that’ll finally help you remember what it’s like to get a good night’s rest — just use your memory…foam pillow.


Promising review: “WOW. That’s how I’d have to describe this pillow. It gives great support without having to re-fluff and rearrange it during the night. It does not get hot.” —Bob Richie

Get them from Amazon for $34.99.


A set of blackout curtains so you can simply tell every sunny day, “Nope.” Enjoy sleeping in!,

Promising review:These block sunlight very well, compared to the previous so-called blackout curtains I had (photo above left). The color is true to the picture, they’re very lively and bright. It also comes with a tie back, which was a very nice touch!” —zouzou141

Get a set of two panels from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in three six and 30 colors).


A 10-motor massage mat — the lumbar area heats up to 140 degrees in less than eight minutes and it has three vibration intensity levels to choose from. This is the perfect gadget to get anyone who finds falling asleep a pain in the neck.


Promising review: “Very easy to use! I like the versatility of the zone settings and varying intensities. The cushioning is quite nice. I lay it down into my La-Z-Boy recliner and it is very relaxing!” —Donna Shreve

Get it from Amazon for $55.19.


A chiliPAD bed cooler – it’s gonna make one or both sides of your bed cold from the bottom up, so the human heater you sleep beside is finally able to sleep as cold as they want (even with the covers on).


This has saved my little life this winter!! I was initially drawn to it because my husband and I both sleep hot, so until recently we had only used the cooling feature. It’s wild how well this pad keeps you cool (especially because you can still keep a blanket on over you – for monster reasons). But our heat has been finicky this winter and the heating settings have truly kept us, and our hairless cats, from freezing at night. I. Love. This. Thing.

BTW, this includes a reversible, hydro-powered Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad, thermal regulating control units, and a remote. The system uses hydropower and operates within 55-115 degrees F. You can also get the Ooler app to control the bed’s temperature from your phone.

Promising review: “This has been a game changer for me. Hot flashes and night sweats are gone and my sleep is much improved. I highly recommend this product.” —Jenny D.

Get it from ChiliSleep for $499+ (available in two styles and three sizes).


An aromatherapy spray that’ll soothe your senses and help you sleep through the unnecessary stressers that creep into your mind at night.


Promising review: “This REALLY works! Be ready to fall asleep once you spray your pillows and sheets! It smells great!” —HappySleeper

Get it from Anthropologie for $29.


A silk pillowcase to help prevent bedhead and pillow creases on your face in the mornings *and* help you slip into a silky smooth slumber every night.


Promising review: “I love this pillow case and have bought several. It helps defrizz my hair and prevents breakouts and it feels so smooth. It holds up after washing, but I air dry to prevent tearing or shrinking of the case.” —Gurpreet

Get it from Amazon for $25.99 (available in 44 colors and seven sizes).


A Lasko tower fan — with its three power speeds, fab air flow, and *perf* white noise, this thing is gonna help you fall sound asleep practically as soon as it ships.


It has a remote so you can change it without getting out of bed, and you can set it to auto shut off after anywhere from a half hour to 7.5 hours.

Promising review: “I’m a little late to review this — I bought in April 2013, actually. I run this fan all night, every night, to provide white noise and airflow while I sleep. I’m very picky about fans; I don’t want to hear anything but a perfectly smooth noise. This fan produces an audible, but not loud, crisp sound on high which is great for tuning out noises and sleeping to. There’s no extra rattles, clicks, or anything else. In the past month or so I’ve heard a feint rattle come from the fan, but after bumping it, it seems to go away for a while. Something may just be loose; again, it’s 4 years old and is still working near flawlessly, so this is definitely a 5 star fan. Bonus: the remote is super convenient.” —NM

Get it from Amazon for $60.90.


A down-alternative comforter — once you wrap yourself up in this you’ll wish you could live in it for the rest of your days. Well, the rest of your nights.


One of my BuzzFeed coworkers talks about this heavenly duvet, and with over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, I’d say plenty of people agree!

Promising review: “I owe this a review. I’ve had this comforter for FIVE YEARS. I don’t treat my sheets well. Sounds sketchy but follow me. I’m a hot sleeper, sheets don’t matter, but this comforter is a good balance of cool and covered. Since I sweat I wash this and it’s held the heck up. On top of my sweaty charm, I have three dogs and a cat who like to Netflix and actually chill with me on the bed. Between the biscuits made and puppy power this thing has still held up. ” —Denise

Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in three sizes).


A memory-foam mattress topper so you can sleep more comfortably even if getting a new mattress isn’t happening any time soon.


Promising review: “My husband and I had purchased a new mattress. We were going with the trend that a firmer mattress would be good for our backs. After months of a sore back we had to do something! Then we found this jewel! We sneak chances to lay in our bed now!!! This pad is amazing. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ (available in two densities and seven sizes).


A knee pillow that’ll provide therapeutic support and give you a ~leg up~ when you need to start sleeping with proper sleep posture.


Promising review: “This pillow is just what I was hoping for so that I could get a good night’s sleep without so much leg and back pain. Normally my sciatica flares up as soon as I lay down at night and I have tried several different types of pillows under and between my knees to ease the shooting pains. This half-moon pillow is the best thing I’ve found for relief. It is lightweight enough that it’s not difficult to change sleeping positions. I highly recommend it!” —Robin

Get it from Amazon for $23.99.


An alarm clock for teaching your children when they’re allowed to leave their room, giving you slightly more shut-eye in the A.M. Update the settings to your family’s schedule and this lil’ helper will light up when the kids are allowed to get up and out of bed.


One of my BuzzFeed coworkers wrote a review about how this clock is basically like giving the gift of sleep to parents with young children.

Promising review: “We’ve had this clock for four years and it’s still going strong. You can adjust the amount of time the green light stays on. You MUST wait until the green light comes on to enter the room or it won’t work! If your child comes out before it’s on, take them back to bed and walk out. We get them used to it (now with child #3, nine months old) by telling them before closing the door at night ‘Wait for your green alien to wake up!’ It’s a good last minute reminder. The only thing I’d change is that the dimmest light setting is still a bit bright for my light sleepers, so I have to lay a burp rag or something over the back to make it dimmer. I’m considering buying a second so the older kids can have theirs back!” —Lauren

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.


A pack of light-dimming covers that’ll mellow out the bright lights on your electronics that keep you up at night. Sweet dreams are made of…darkness.

They wont leave sticky residue behind, either!

Promising review: “These are great. I have a hard time sleeping with lights on in the room and so many devices recently have incredibly bright LEDs. I did notice that some lights require more than one sticker to dim them to my desired level, but this is really an advantage as you could adjust the level of brightness by the number of stickers you place over it.” —Matthew M Phelps

Get them from Amazon for $5.89.


A natural latex pillow formed with zoned pressure relief — a pillow this ~holy~ is sure to give you a heavenly night’s sleep.


Promising review: “These are by far the best pillows I have ever owned. I originally purchased a Queen, my daughter used it one night, and I never got it back. I needed a King pillow anyway, so I purchased the King version. Everyone uses them in the family. They are perfect, never flat, and have no bad smell. We’ve had the Queen for almost four years and it is still high, soft, and plush — just like the day I purchased it. My wife wanted the low loft plush on the King and there is a noticeable height difference between the high and low. Overall, this is the last pillow you will ever need to purchase. It has held up well. I would not recommend any other pillow.” —Brian A.

Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (available in four densities and two sizes).


A bottle of Melatonin tablets for folks who are in need of the sweet taste of sleep., Amazon

The bottle has 200 tablets.

Promising review: “I’ll be buying these again. In terms of efficacy, I get a better night’s rest without feelings of grogginess in the morning. Keep in mind that melatonin isn’t a tranquilizer. You shouldn’t take melatonin with the expectation of it working like an Ambien. This isn’t a hypnotic drug, it’s a synthetic version of a naturally occurring sleep hormone. Melatonin won’t knock you out, but it certainly helps me achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. Taking Melatonin, I experience increased dreaming and the dreams are unusually vivid and lifelike. Pretty cool! I feel like this is a good value. The strawberry flavor is pleasant as well. This is hands down the best of the various brands I’ve tried. I’m very happy with this purchase.” —Courtney Cameron

Get it from Amazon for $9.59.


An eye mask that’ll prevent any light from coming in, even when you open your eyes, so you can finally start falling asleep in the blink of an eye.


Promising review: “I will never purchase another sleep mask. This is everything. Darkness, soft material, and the surprise — you can open your eyes without seeing any light. The way that it is shaped, the mask fits snugly around the outside of your eyes but is lifted in the middle, so you don’t feel any pressure on your eyelids. If you are someone who needs to sleep in darkness, like myself, this is the best purchase you will make. I plan to gift this to my favorite ‘dark sleepers’ this year.” —Cortney Arnold

Get it from Amazon for $12.90 (available in six colors).


A bulk box of Sleepytime herbal tea with a soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass that’s gonna help you wind down at the end of a long day. Sip, sip, hooray!


Promising review: “This tea is amazing! It smells and tastes great and helps we become relaxed and ready for bed. I sleep without any problems and feel well rested the next day!” —Sarah

Get a jumbo pack of six boxes of 40 tea bags from Amazon for $23.94.


A pack of sound-dampening door bumpers so you’ll no longer be jolted awake by the sounds of your night-owl roommate and, more importantly, *they* won’t wake up to the sound of you sneaking into their snack cabinet after they fall asleep.


Although it really is time you start buying your own tortilla chips.

Promising review:These work very well to dampen the sounds of my idiot roommates slamming cabinet doors at all hours of the day. Just make sure you’re wiping down the part of the cabinet they’ll stick to before applying them. The adhesive is good and should hold for a while.” —LMA

Get a pack of 100 from Amazon for $6.99.


A Brooklinen pillow filled with down clusters, feathers, and a 100% cotton satin shell for equipping your bed with the very best when you plan to spend the majority of your weekends in it.


Promising review: “This is like sleeping on a marshmallow cloud. It’s hands down the best pillow I’ve ever owned. The mid-plush has a softness that almost feels like memory foam but not nearly as hot. I love these things!!” —Ryan A.

Get it from Brooklinen for $69 (available in two sizes and three fills).


A Dohm sound machine — a best-selling “white noise” machine that mimics the soothing sound of rushing air. With two speeds and a customizable volume, this thing is gonna drown out any random sounds that try creeping into your dreamland at night.


Promising review: “We own two of these. My husband got the first one after he got home from his first deployment and had a really hard time sleeping. He had a buddy recommend it and it worked like a charm. When we had our daughter, she loved it so we bought one for her when she transitioned into her own room from our bedroom. Well, three kids we now have two sound machines in two kids’ rooms. These last a REALLY long time as well. Our first one lasted almost seven years. And that was five and half years of baby use…HOURS a day of use for the first two years and 10+ a night after that. GREAT product!!!” —Chris

Get it from Amazon for $44.95.


A smooth satin pajama set that’ll feel sinfully silky on your skin and make you question how you ever fell asleep before slipping into these.


Promising review: “These are the best pajamas I’ve ever purchased. I’m completely hooked. The quality is amazing and they’re super comfortable. I will be ordering all the other colors.” —Mandie

Get them from Amazon for $28.49+ (available in 11 colors and sizes S–XL).


A marble patterned essential oil diffuser to create a calm atmosphere that really ~rocks~ before you fall asleep.


Promising review: “Beautiful, highly recommend! You can set it to mist for one, three, or six hours and can use with lights or without lights. Great quality, comes with cute water measuring cup. I use this in my home office. Contemporary marble look design goes with any decor!” —Mindy R

Get it from Amazon for $37.99 (available in two colors).


A set of cooling sheets that’ll regulate your body temperature and keep you from ~sweating it~ when you try to fall asleep.

My Sheets Rock

Promising review: “These sheets are truly top of the line for an amazing price. The bamboo is as advertised — moister wicking and breathable. The feel is perfect for anyone that wants the smoothness and softness of silk for an affordable price.” —Sean L.

Get them from My Sheets Rock for $139+ (available in eight colors and seven sizes).


A calming hemp patch you can throw on yourself right before you throw yourself on the couch for a hearty mid-day snooze.

Free People

Promising review: “These work! I bought the Calm and Nite Nite and they both work tremendously! When I put the Nite Nite patch on I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and WOWed that it worked because I was skeptical. Try it!” —Via29

Get it from Free People for $12 (available in four styles).


A body pillow that’s sure to be the best sleeping companion you’ve ever had. Honestly with this thing, a good night’s sleep won’t just seem like a dream.


Promising review: “This is a great buy! I’m glad I decided to go for it. I was hesitant because it isn’t cheap and people said it is huge, but I am very happy. I am not small and we have a full bed and this has been fine. It has really helped me sleep! I am 23 weeks pregnant and sleeping has been difficult the past couple weeks. This pillow has helped me sleep comfortably on my left side and stay tilted when I’m on my back with my legs up. I love it! It gets a little warm but it is soft, comfy, and not too firm. I love it!” —Jadey Jade

Get it from Amazon for $39.95+ (available in five colors).


Or a soothing lavender scented pillow that’ll totally smell like some fresh floral REM.


Promising review: “This pillow is pretty amazing. It’s firm at first but the memory foam immediately forms around your head to form a perfect cushion. The lavender smell is light but definitely present – just enough to catch a scent while you sleep but not enough to overwhelm the senses. (Usually, I find lavender products to be very strong; however, this pillow has a perfect balance.) It is extremely well made with high-quality materials and I have no doubt it will last for a long time. I’m very impressed and highly recommend this pillow if you’re looking for a great night’s sleep!” —BottleArmor

Get it from Amazon for $54.99+ (available in three sizes).


A Philips wake-up light, which simulates the sunrise, letting you wake up without a blaring alarm clock. It also has a sunset setting, with dimming lights and sound features, so you can calm down at night and drift off to sleep with ease.


Promising review: “This thing is a game-changer! I got it because I got tired of being owned by my phone. It used to be the last thing I checked before going to bed, and the first thing I would check in the morning. No more! Now I can leave the phone charging across the room (or in a handbag even. Who cares?) I can set this for the ‘sun to set’ at 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes later. So I set it, and I get in bed and read a book for an hour. Then the “sun goes down” gradually, and I go to bed. Eight hours later, the ‘sun’ starts coming up gradually. So gradually, that at the beginning, you don’t even notice. And you can set sounds in addition to the ‘sunrise’ effect: birds chirping, ocean waves, classical music, or FM radio (although why on earth would you choose FM radio?). You can set two different wake-up ‘alarms’. It doesn’t even feel right to call them alarms, because it’s not obnoxious or loud. It doesn’t jolt you awake. You wake up gradually. This thing is perfect. I’m reading more, sleeping a lot better, and I don’t even remember anymore to grab my phone to check social media in the mornings. In fact, sometimes I’ll be at the office, and it’ll be noon before I realize I left my phone in the car. Drop the dependency on cell phones. It’s ridiculous. We’re like that movie, Wall-E. Get this and improve your life and your quality of sleep.” —Mimi 5000

Get it from Amazon for $99.95.


A pair of fuzzy, warm socks to wear if your partner likes the bedroom so cold you’re worried your toes might fall right off your feet while you sleep. These solve that concern, and look lovely while they’re at it!


Promising review: “Great product! They fit comfortably, are very cute and don’t shrink in the washing machine. I think they are priced fairly and I received them in the mail very quickly. I love these!” —Marcie

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight styles).


An inflatable neck pillow (with a hood) is gonna help you enjoy some anti-social sleep, even from the “comfort” of economy class.


Promising review: “I really like that I can blow this up to the right support that I need. I prefer it only being blown up half-way and find it very comfortable! The hood is great. I closed it around my face on my flight. It kept me warm and I was able to easily take a nap. The hoodie material is very soft and comfortable.” —Rachael

Get it from Amazon for $24.95 (available in six colors).


Or an inflatable wedge pillow that’ll give you some personal space (albeit, minimal) and help you sleep soundly even when you’re stuck in the middle seat the next time you travel.


Promising review: “I used this on four international flights last month and it made all the difference in the world. It’s compact, easy to inflate/deflate, very versatile in how you can position it, doesn’t rely on the tray table, and works well for bulkhead seats as well as those with someone in front of you. I can’t sleep with my head back without snorting myself awake, so this is a perfect alternative. I can very comfortably lean forward in my seat and sleep almost like I can in a bed. I’m 6’2″ and this pillow is plenty tall enough to just rest on my lap and let me lean forward into it without feeling crunched over. This pillow will easily let me get enough comfortable periods of sleep on a 9-hour flight that I don’t feel completely drained upon arrival. My wife tried mine out before we left on vacation and loved it so much she had me order her one. We both wouldn’t travel without them now.” —Still Chilly In Colorado

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in four styles).


A cool mist humidifier for alleviating a stuffy nose and dry skin while you sleep.


This sleek thing has over 26,000 five-star reviews!

Promising review: “This Pure Humidifier model does exactly what the description of this product claims. It’s very quiet, can run on high for at least 11 hours, and it is easy to clean and keep clean. This is a beautifully styled product that performs as advertised. I recommend it.” —ocmd

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.


A weighted blanket to get adults or children who have a hard time calming down at bedtime and need to feel extra tucked-in at night with a warm weight around them.


Promising review: “I have been wanting one of these blankets for quite a while. I’ve heard great things about them. I’ve always been someone who likes sleeping with a lot of blankets on me, because of the weight of them, so this blanket is perfect for me. I got the 15-pound blanket and the weight is just right. It’s not too light or too heavy, the perfect amount. I like that this single blanket can replace those many blankets I used to use. The fabric is very soft and oh so comfortable! Highly recommend.” —A.D. Galante

Get it from Amazon for $45.99+ (available in 19 colors and 15 sizes).


Or a real life adult swaddle that’s gonna save you from insomnia and have you sleeping so soundly, your baby’s gonna be jealous.

Hatch Sleep, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Promising review:For a lifelong sufferer of miserable Restless Leg Syndrome, this is nothing short of a miracle! I was skeptical that the pod could help me, since nothing else has ever helped me, but I think since the pod contains my thrashing movements, I’m not waking myself up over and over at night. My dreams are typically very vivid and I usually don’t feel like I had a chance to turn my mind off and disconnect. I think I am getting more REM sleep with the pod because I haven’t remembered my dreams these past four nights. Also, I run hot so it’s a pleasant surprise that the pod truly is breathable and not sweaty.” —Jennifer C

Get it on sale from Hatch Sleep for $79.99+ (available in two sizes).


A Casper mattress, the hype beast of sleep, with a top layer designed to minimize excess heat and high-density memory foam. Get yourself a Queen or King, you deserve to sleep like royalty.


Promising review: “This bed is literally perfect. I’m telling you now, if you’re going with casper and getting the warranty they offer, you will not be sorry. I did not waste my money. The casper mattress is truly everything they said it would be!” —MaDaM MeZeLLe

Get it from Amazon for $535 (available in six sizes).


And finally, a funny pillow that’ll remind you a nap is often the best medicine.


Get it from anneamanda on Society6 for $23.99+ (available in two styles and four sizes).

My subconscious when my husband tries to wake me up from a nap

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