A Boeing 737 Commercial Jet Skid Off Runway into St. Johns River in Florida , 21 Passengers Hospitalized

A Boeing 737 Commercial Jet skid off into St. John River in Florida , Photo Credit : Jacksonville Sheriff's Twitter Account

Boeing 737 Skid Off Runway in Florida

Digital Desk : A Boeing 737 Commercial Jet with 136 passengers and 7 crew members on board slid into the St. John River near Jacksonville, Florida. The Commercial Jet had been arriving from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay when it skidded off a runway at the Naval Air station in Jacksonville . 

Jacksonville Fire and rescue department said ” 21 adults transported to local hospital . All listed in Good condition ,no critical injuries ” according to Jax Sherrif’s Office “The plane was not submerged . Every persons is alive and accounted for ”

The Jax Sherrif’s office tweet was accompanied by two photographs showing the plane bearing the logo of Miami Air International resting in shallow water in Florida. Miami Air International is a charter airline operating a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

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