Actress Scarlett Johansson’s Bikini Shot Sparks Internet Discussion

Scarlett Johansson's bikini shot (Credit : Twitter)

US Actress Scarllett Johansson ,35, was the target of criticism on Thursday after photos of her bikini tops were released and showed a silent curve in her belly and natural marking of butt and thigh cellulite.

The twitter debate began after a netizen named AlphaMale (Macho Alpha) criticized the actress “beer belly”. He wrote ” Scarllett Johansson was good before, now she has a beer belly , you can see how feminism is destroying her”

However, the criticism not forgiven by other netizens who came out in defense of the American Actress Scarllett Johansson .

Scarllett Johansson has multiple appearance in Forbes Celebrity 100 magazine and has a star on the walk of fame . She was the highest grossing actress of 2016, and is also, since May 2017, the highest grossing actress of all time in North America. At the moment , the actress is working on the long awaited Black Widow solo movie ,a part of Marvel Universe .

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