Protesters smashed Police window during Oakland Protests

Oakland, Calif : Downtown Oakland was on high alter Saturday night following violent protests in solidarity against racial injustice and in support of protesters in Portland. Police Windows were smashed, graffiti were sprayed, images were projected and Alameda County Superior Courthouse set on fire during Oakland Protest.

Thousands of protesters participated in a mostly peaceful march through the street of downtown Oakland Saturday evening to show solidarity and support for ongoing Portland Protests .

The event began at 7:30 a.m at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza at 14th street and Braodway in Oakland, according to organizers which included the Wall of Moms Bay Area, Refuse Fascism Bay Area and Vigil for democracy, NBC Bay Area reported.

Bay Area Protests demonstration video :

But, a group later broke off the mostly peaceful protest and took to vandalism and violence. Oakland Police tweeted “Agitators within the crowd of demonstrators have set the Alameda County Superior Courthouse on fire. Please avoid the area. We are calling for peace and to have safe spaces and safe places for tonight’s demonstration”

Courthouse fire video :

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