Comedian Ryan Long stands up to Woke outrage by making jokes at critics’ expense


Comedian Ryan Long said Friday on “Fox News Primetime” that stand-up comedy has been a casualty of ‘woke’ forces in America, but some comedians are simply pushing through by making the ‘woke’ outrage the butt of the jokes.

RYAN LONG: People are always getting mad. That’s been happening since the beginning of time. Comedy is the same, you just get yelled at a little more after the fact in the clubs, and there is kind of this thing — people are allowed to not like something.

But that is a normal comedy is, you make a joke and the audience laughs or does not laugh. People want to add a new thing, “I did not like that so no one else should like it” or whatever. 

The truth is, audiences aren’t actually that mean because people think — when people talk about punching down and all those concepts, there is some truth to that stuff. If we go to a club and I’m saying the meanest stuff to some guy, oh, I don’t want to hear this, why is this guy being a jerk, right? But a lot of times you are not making fun of the thing, you are making fun of the person to tell her you can’t say it. 

If you are at school and the teacher goes “Listen, someone called someone four eyes, and the teacher goes “No one can say that again, anyone who says four eyes is expelled, you can go to school, we are going to ruin your life, you just made calling someone four eyes the funniest thing you can do… It’s never about the thing, it becomes about the person — comedians do not like to be told what to do.


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