Donald Trump is Escalating Conflicts With Iran Just To Distract From His Impeachment : George Conway

Iran VS USA Conflicts (Flags of two nations -edited)

Iran VS USA Conflicts : Is it Third World War ?

Online Desk : Conservative Attorney George Conway twitted that Donald Trump stared a war because he was impeached. After the news broke of Iran attacking U.S bases in Iraq with missiles – Conway , the husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted “it’s extremely difficult now to escape the conclusion that President Donald Trump is escalating conflict with Iran just to distract from his impeachment”

He also added ” i’d be perfectly happy to be wrong about this . But the evidence is hard to to ignore. ”

George Conway said that Donald Trump in 2011 repeatedly claimed that then President Barrack Obama would start a war with Iran to help his reelection. That means Trumps believes it’s something a President would do.

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