Fourth Season of Insecure HBO ; Donald Trump’s surprising ‘Like’ on Twitter

A Screen Grab of HBO's 'Insecure'

‘Twitter Trending to Trump liking tweet’

Chicago, Online Desk: During Worldwide Black Lives Matters protests after George Flyod brutal death under Minneapolis Police custody ; Twitter have been the setting for a surging discussion about the fourth season of HBO’s ‘Insecure’. Late on Sunday night , While the US President Donald Trump sent out scathing tweets concerning Colin Powell and Roger Goodell , what caught people’s eye on June 7 , the President liking his first tweet of 2020, a GIF commenting of HBO’s hit series ‘Insecure’.

Last Night, a twitter account with the handle @shiningheaux lamented the fight that rocked the series two main characters , wishing instead that the pair’s friendship could return to its bygone innocence . After firing off a few more tweets -one condemning this weird Terry Crews tweet and another calling for killer cops to face justice- they logged off only to return to a hellscape  of notifications.

Rae, meanwhile, was just as confused. “What the fuck is this,” she tweeted, processing, we imagine, both Trump liking the tweet and it being the only tweet Trump has liked

Insecure aired its penultimate episode of Season 4 on Sunday night, during which Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly’s (Yvonne Orji) friendship appears to have become un-salvageable. This friend break-up hit hard for many viewers, who then tweeted about their feelings, which propelled #Insecure to becoming the No. 1 trending term.

Apparently, Donald Trump smashed the like button on the tweet below, from an account with fewer than 200 followers:

Many individuals on Twitter, some of whom have bots set up making them aware of the president’s Twitter exercises took note.

Despite the fact that The Black List originator Franklin Leonard may have discovered another hypothesis. “Do you think he searched for the word ‘insecure’?” asked one his devotees.

Each and every individual who is discussing it must realize that Trump doesn’t watch Insecure, however they can’t avoid connecting with the possibility that he does, if just to ridicule it. Since racial issues are at the front line of the national discussion, Trump’s group should without a doubt incline toward that individuals talk about whether Trump is a secret stan of HBO’s Black-focused dramedy than whether he may have recently teargassed serene nonconformists at a Black Lives Matter protests.

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