George Floyd : DC protesters standoff outside the White House, Watch Video

A protester demonstrate with a poster ' Say His Name' (Twitter)

George Floyd Murder : ‘No Justice No Peace’

Washington D.C : The President’s House was locked down under U.S. Secret Service order Friday night as over 200 people gathered outside the gates on Pennsylvania Avenue. Protests in D.C over the brutal killing of George Floyd continued in the early hours of Saturday morning with a tense stanoff between protesters and Police outside of the White House.

Around midnight, more potesters moved to the White House , where they knocked over and removed baricades and threw water at Police cop.

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Police wore shields and helmets , and tried to push protesters back and re-erect barricades. A handful of clashes broke out sporadically throughout the Friday night. Protesters threw water bottles and tried to rip shields away from Secret Service members.

According to souce, few police officers injuried during demonstrations in front of the White House.

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Meanwhile, the widespread Demonstrations erupted Tuesday near the Menneapolis 3rd Precinct station , which covers the portion of South Minneapolis where George Floyd was arrested. A confrontation between him and police , caught on video that subsequently viral, shows Floyd pleading for air as Officer Derek Chauvin presses his knee against him.

Twitter now trending with many hashtag such as #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #dcprotests for Justice of George Floyd brutal killing by a police cop.

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