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HBCU forced to stop online classes due to Ransomware attack

Howard University stopped classes on Tuesday after it was hit with ransomware attack, the Washington D.C School said in a statement. The school said that on September 3, members of their technology team noticed ‘unusual activities’ on the HBCU network and shut it down in order to investigate the problem.

They later confirmed it was ransomware attack but did not say which cyber attack groups was behind the attack.

” The situation is still being investigated, but we’re writing to provide an interim update and to share as much as we safely and possibly can at this point in time, considering that our emails are often shared within a public domain” Howard University said in its statement.

The HBCU said it has been working to fully address the incident and restore operations, “but please consider that remediation, after an incident of this kind, is a long haul- not an overnight solutions”

Officials said that the Physical campus will be open to essential staffs, but campus WiFi will be down.

“This is highly dynamic situation, and its our priority to protect all sensitive personal, research and clinical data” HBCU statement read “We’re in contact with FBI and the D.C City Government, and we’re installing additional safety measures to further protect the University’s and your personal data from any clinical ciphering”

Howard University further said, there has been no evidence that personal data has been stolen. But it is continuing to work with partners to find out what exactly happened.

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