‘Justice’ on surge in crime, negligence at St. Louis prosecutors’ office

America as we know it is coming to an end. We are watching it in real time, it is moving so quickly that when it’s gone, we won’t be able to predict the exact moment it happened

What I fought for in law enforcement for over three decades, what my father and grandfather fought for in World War II, what you and your parents and grandparents fought for is ending.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? How many of us would describe life today as being what our Founding Fathers intended? If we don’t speak in politically correct terms, we are canceled. We lose our jobs, erased. They did it to a President of the United States.

Big Tech decides what we can read and what we can post with no regulation or government interference. Our kids are taught in school that the color of their skin determines whether they are victims or oppressors.

I could go on. But one thing more than any other that signals the ruination of a society and trumps all else is crime.

When crime is not prosecuted, when criminals are not arrested, lawlessness, anarchy and chaos result. Dominoes continue to fall and we witness the crippling effect of crime.

You see, crime not only harms the victim, it visits the loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, and the community at large. Fear becomes generalized. It immobilizes people.

On the other hand, criminals are emboldened to continue their rampage. Businesses cannot prosper where crime is rampant. Families are not safe where crime is raging. Schools closed, churches merge, hospitals fail, people become depressed, and dependent. And add to that a pandemic where the unequal enforcement of rules by the left-wing totalitarian Democrats is infuriating.

But don’t be fooled. This isn’t just a few malcontents like the squad. What we’re experiencing is part of a massive plan orchestrated by culture haters, American hating, power hungry individuals who despise America, democracy, capitalism, and everything that we hold dear.

Right now, they are winning. Respect for the rule of law is gone in most Democrat-run big cities. And as a result, there is chaos and crime. Criminals believe they are entitled to take whatever they need from stores. They are not afraid of the police who have been defunded, and hamstrung without the ability to enforce the law, and certainly not the backup if they do.

Take a look at T.J. Maxx this week, criminals loading up and walking out, not even running. And even if there were police to arrest them, prosecutors in California are not handling cases of less than $950.00. The result? Criminals reoffend without fear of prosecution.

All of this began with a harebrained idea of bail reform, a euphemism for a get out of jail free. This week, after shots were fired in our nation’s capital, only days after shots rang out at a baseball game in Washington, D.C., Washington sounded like a warzone. It sounded like Beirut.

(Read details at Fox News)

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