Kevin McCarthy warned members to not call out colleagues by name, citing potential political violence


Members of the House Republican Conference ignored leader Kevin McCarthy last week when he warned them against criticizing colleagues by name based on intelligence that doing so could trigger more political violence.

Why it matters: McCarthy made clear that name-dropping opponents, instead of spelling out complaints in more general terms, can put a literal target on a politician, especially with tensions so high following the events of Jan. 6.

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That’s what happened to Rep. Liz Cheney, the GOP conference chairperson, after she said she would support impeaching President Trump.

What McCarthy said: The House minority leader issued his warning during a conference call last Monday. He said his concern was driven by the FBI briefings he receives.

  • “It doesn’t matter which side of the position you were: I respect it, I respect why you did what you did. But what we are saying on television, when we say a member’s name. … This is not the moment in time to do it.”

  • “You can incite something else. The country is very divided and we know this. Let’s not put any member, I don’t care who they are Republican, Democrat or any person not even in Congress. Watch our words closely. I get these reports on a weekly basis. I’ve seen something I haven’t seen before.”

Several minutes later, McCarthy repeated the message: “Emotions are high. What you say matters. Let’s not put other people in danger. Let’s watch what words we’re using and definitely not be using other members’ names in any media.”

Days later, some GOP members ignored him and openly criticized their colleagues

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted that the name of his Republican colleague, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, “will be one forgotten by next January.”

  • Rep. Lauren Boebart (R-Colo.) mocked Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the House’s new mask fines.

One of the most blatant attacks, leading to a media firestorm, was when several members of the House Freedom Caucus went after Cheney for voting to impeach Trump.

  • On the day of the vote, the members circulated a petition to remove her from her leadership role.

  • Cheney is now fielding a series of threats against her, many from fiery Trump supporters angered by her vote, a source with direct knowledge of the threat said.

  • “We don’t comment on security matters,” Cheney’s communications director, Jeremy Adler, told Axios.

What we’re hearing: McCarthy’s team told Axios he isn’t looking for repercussions. Spokesman Matt Sparks said the leader wants to lower the temperature and is encouraging members to be mindful of the current environment.

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