NC issues alert for tool containing radioactive material that was stolen in Durham


North Carolina officials are searching for a tool with radioactive materials that was stolen Thursday in Durham, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services reported.

If mishandled or broken open, the gauge poses a potential health and safety risk, DHHS’s Radiation Protection Section said in a news release. The tool was clearly marked as containing radioactive materials, which is uses to test conditions of materials during construction.

The theft was reported to the NC Radiation Protection Section and local law enforcement. DHHS did not said where the tool was stolen from.

The gauge has a stainless-steel handle coming out of its top with a radiation symbol on it, and the radioactive material is sealed in stainless-steel capsules.

It was in a Type A transportation container when it disappeared, according to the release. The yellow plastic case is marked with Radiation tri-foil (Radioactive – 7), USA DOT 7A, Type A Radioactive Material, and Cargo Aircraft Only labels.

If the gauge is spotted, DHHS advises not to touch or move the device and to stay at least 10 feet away from it until authorities secure the area and the device. An individual could face adverse health effects if directly exposed to the radioactive material for a prolonged amount of time.

Contact Travis Cartoski, NC Radiation Protection Section, at 919-621-4797 or a local law enforcement agency with any information.

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