Paula Deen cooks biscuits and bacon in special episode of ‘At Home’

Clothesline Bacon, French Cream served with fresh fruit, Sour Cream Biscuits, and Gratin of Eggs and Things are on the menu for Paula Deen in Fox Nation’s special Mother’s Day edition of “At Home with Paula Deen.” 


The celebrity chef traveled to her hometown of Albany, Georgia to her Aunt Peggy’s house to cook a special Mother’s Day meal for her aunt and friend Susan “Bubbles” Green, both of whom Deen said were key supporters of her success. 

Deen started with her Sour Cream Biscuits, which she said had been part of her repertoire for decades, and are delicious and easy to produce. She served the biscuits with a Georgia staple, Mayhaw Jelly. 

Deen also credited her Aunt Peggy for teaching her how to put a fruit tray together and served it with French Cream. Deen’s useful tips for the home cook included keeping the bowl and beaters in the refrigerator before whipping cream, and “you can never have too much [lemon] zest.” 

Deen was also joined by son and fellow chef Bobby Deen as she made Clothesline Bacon, a thick-cut candied bacon drenched in maple syrup, brown sugar, and covered in pink peppercorns. 

The Mother’s Day brunch entrée was Gratin of Eggs and Things, an egg dish with garlic, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. While cooking the gratin, she gave many more tips, including not closing an oven door while broiling, to keep the oven from overheating. 

Bobby Deen concluded the show with a toast to the women on the show: Paula Deen, her Aunt Peggy, and Bubbles. 

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