PA Election : State Department issued Press Release for absentee & mail-in voters

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Philadelphia : Pennsylvania state department released press note for absentee and mail-in voters . According to the press release “The Department of State is reminding absentee and mail-in voters in Allegheny, Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties that their ballots must be postmarked by today and received by mail at their county election office by 5 p.m on June 9 to be counted”

Voters in these counties may also deliver their ballots to county election offices or to designated ballot collection sites by 8 p.m today.

In all other counties , there is no change, therefore voted mail-in or absentee ballots must be received in the county election office by 8 a.m today. In these counties, voters who have not yet returned their voted mail-in ballot are encouraged to hand deliver the ballot to their county election office to ensure it will be counted. In these counties , it is too late to return a ballot by mail.

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Governor Tom Wolf signed the executive order Monday to help voters in the six counties affected by civil disturbances , curfews and closers .

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