‘Really scary’ to see gas shortages in first months of Biden admin: Lara Trump

Fox News contributor Lara Trump sounded the alarm on America’s energy independence under the Biden administration, Wednesday, telling “Fox & Friends” that the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack and resulting panic at the pump is “really scary.”

LARA TRUMP: This is happening in the first four months of the Biden presidency. Think about the fact that under my father-in-law, under President Donald Trump, not only were we energy-independent, we were a net energy exporter. And I used to talk about this all the time on the campaign trail. It meant we were no longer reliant on the Middle East. We were no longer reliant on Russia for anything. On the world stage, it gave us a much better footing. And now here we are with gas lines, gas shortages. It is insane. It’s really, really scary.

I think it was day one that — I think that might have been his first executive order as president of the United States, was canceling the XL Keystone pipeline; obviously, that put thousands and thousands of workers out of jobs as people are still having a problem finding jobs. But think about the implications on a bigger scale. Think about what this does in the eyes of the world for America. If I were somebody, God forbid, that was looking to cause problems in our country, cause harm to Americans — you see how easy this is — and where is Joe Biden on this? Why hasn’t he come out and made some big sweeping statement about how they’ll get to the bottom of this, this will never happen again in America? It’s really crazy that you really haven’t heard that much and they don’t really have a great solution. “Well, it’ll figure itself out.” That’s not good enough for the American people.

Source : Fox News

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