Rep. Donalds blasts Gen. Milley’s defense of critical race theory in military: ‘Gov’t shouldn’t be funding it’


Reps. Byron Donalds and Michael Waltz, both Florida Republicans, called out the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley, on “The Ingraham Angle,” over Milley’s defense of critical race theory being included in the Pentagon reading curriculum.

During a hearing that featured terse exchanges between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III and some congressional Republicans, Milley appeared to admonish the lawmakers who made an issue of the topic:

“What is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country that we are here to defend,” Milley said, addressing the committee.

Host Laura Ingraham told Donalds that she was outraged by Milley’s “arrogant” tone. “I’m upset about it as well. You are 100% correct,” said Donalds. “Congress should not be sending money to the military in order to teach critical race theory.”

Donalds, who is Black, went on to say that White servicemembers should not have to be concerned about atoning for their immutable “whiteness.”

“That is ridiculous, that is a joke,” he said.

“If you want to study the history of the nation, study the history of the nation. But let’s be very clear, critical race theory is a subjective lens to view the history of the country, not an objective study of the history of the United States.”

“CRT is going to split our military ranks like it splits our young children in schools. It has no place there, it has no place in K-12 education, and the United States government should not be funding that. If academics want to theorize in the halls of academia, it’s a free country, God bless you, go do it, but we shouldn’t be funding it in our military in our schools.”

Waltz, a decorated Green Beret, told “The Ingraham Angle” that he appreciates Milley’s years of service but that he is obviously conflating critical race theory with a U.S. history curriculum.

“I legitimately think he is confusing critical race theory for some type of diversity training or a history class on fascism and communism,” he told Ingraham.


“I have no problem with history and understanding our history, or with diversity, but understanding that critical race theory is teaching our future military leaders that they need to resist our very basic institutions and that our constitution, our court system, our political system is bad and at its core is racist, misogynist, colonialist and therefore needs to be pushed back against.”

“These aren’t just some kids out in Cal-Berkeley sitting out there smoking pot somewhere. These are the cadets at West Point, the future leaders of our military that will one day have their finger on the button. And it is a cancer — critical race theory is a cancer that needs to be carved out.”

Milley’s remarks come days after lawmakers including Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., questioned the U.S. Navy’s chief of operations, Adm. Michael Gilday, about a critical race theorist’s text being included on ensigns’ reading list.

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