Rep. Jim Jordan refuses to acknowledge Biden legitimately won the election


During a House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, refused to answer a question from committee chair James McGovern, D-Mass., about whether President-elect Joe Biden won the election fairly. No evidence of widespread election fraud has been found.

Video Transcript

JAMES MCGOVERN: But I’m not asking about the process. I’m asking you to make a statement that the election was not stolen. That Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won fair and square. That’s the question.


JIM JORDAN: No, the– the quest– no, the question you asked me was, is Joe Biden the vice president– is vice pres–


–and I said, yes, of course he is.

JAMES MCGOVERN: Just repeat the question, so Joe Biden won fair and square?

JIM JORDAN: He won the election, because the way the process works is the last–


JIM JORDAN: –chance to object is January 6 and–

JAMES MCGOVERN: –if we want to talk about–

JIM JORDAN: [? –injection ?] didn’t prevail.

JAMES MCGOVERN: If we want to talk about healing, we have to talk about truth. And if we want to talk about healing, we also need to deal with the issue of accountability. And what this president incited last Wednesday is unforgivable and unconscionable. I mean, I’m used to the excesses of this president– you know, the over-the-top statements, the pandering to some of the most intolerant groups in this country. But I never thought– I never thought I would see what he said at that rally.

And so the deal is, I mean, my question was very simple. I mean, I’m asking you to make a statement that the election was not stolen, that Joe Biden won fair and square, and one of the ways to promote healing is for you to say “yes,” and to put that on your Twitter account, so that all these people who bought into a lie will start hearing from some of the people that were pushing this. The answer is, you know, the American people–

JIM JORDAN: Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman.


JIM JORDAN: Joe Biden is going to be sworn in as president. He is– he is President-elect Joe Biden–

JAMES MCGOVERN: That’s not the question I asked. That is not the question I asked.

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