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George Floyd : Fairfax hit by looting

Los Angeles : Thousand of Americans have gathered across the Los Angeles streets to protest of deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis. But, these protests now turned into large scale riots , vandalism and looting. Many stores , boutiques have been looted and vandalized by the violent rioters in various parts of the great country.

The shocking visuals of violent mob looting sneakers from flight club on Fairfax avenue in Los Angeles .

In downtown Los Angeles , mass looting was similarly visible. Juanita’s Cafe was boken into with shattered glass visible by daylight. Watch a visual where rioters looting a shoe store in downtown.

But, peaceful protests also conducting in several parts of Los Angeles.

However, not only in Fairfax, other parts of United States also undergoing with same experence. A chicago based reporter Ben Pope shared horrific videos on Twitter, in which it can be seen how rioters smashed the windows of a Nike Store located at 669 Michigan Avenue.

Similarly, the violent mob also caught damaging the luxary departmental store Neiman Marcus located at 737 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

The Adidas flagship store in New York’s Manhattan area was also damaged and looted. Similarly, the mob were also seen looting a Villa Shoe store in Rochester in New York.

US President Donald Trump tweeted “Law and order in Philadelphia, Now ! They are looting stores. Call in our great National Guard like they finally did last night in Minneapolis .Is this what voters want with Sleepy Joe ? All Dems ! ”

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