Stranger Danger in Saginaw Public Schools : Black Hoodie Stranger

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‘Stranger Incidents’ in Saginaw Public Schools

Saginaw Public Schools Report third Stranger incidents in Bus Stop . The Saginaw Public Schools district is sending a warning out to parents about a suspicious man described as wearing a black hoodie approaching kids near their bus stops. The most recent location where this occurred is at the intersection of Elm and Division Street.

“The description has been the same. I’m not sure if this is one individual or several individuals,” said Saginaw Public Schools Superintendent Ramont Roberts.

“They are aware of all the incidents and are going through a process of investigating to hopefully identify this person or persons that’s responsible,” Roberts stated.

Just yesterday a similar situation unfolded near the area of Wadsworth and Veterans Memorial Parkway. But this time, a suspicious man was seen driving a white SUV with tinted windows.

“I think that all the parents in the neighborhood should come together along with the police and just kind of be vigilant,” said Jody; a parent in Saginaw.

Jody, a mom of two kids is concerned, but says the incidents should serve as a reminder for parents to reinforce how kids should respond if a stranger targets them.

“They should immediately seek out their parent. If somebody were to approach them they could just start screaming or yelling,” Jody stated.

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