Tom Hanks Talked About When He And Rita Wilson Will Get The COVID-19 Vaccine


They’re gonna wait a bit.

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“We’ll be getting it long after everybody who truly needs to get it,” he told Today‘s Samantha Guthrie.

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“Yes, we had it, and it was a tough couple of 10 days, but I think [what] was much more important is the second half of the COVID-19 formula: We didn’t give it to anybody.”

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“We wear masks, and we still do—not just so we don’t catch it, but so that you don’t give it to somebody in case you’re one of those asymptomatic carriers.”

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When Guthrie asked him if he’d be willing to get the vaccine on camera when it’s his turn, however, Hanks was purely enthusiastic: “Yeah, sure!”

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As we close out 2020 and head towards a new year, we could all use a bit of Hanks’ and Wilson’s enthusiasm and optimism — as well as the tips we need to stop the spread while the vaccine distribution process takes place.

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