Trump Supporter Florida Man Started GoFundMe Campaign To Raise Money Border Wall Project

GoFundMe Campaign Latest Updates

A Florida Air Force Veteran has raised nearly $1 Million to built President Trump’s Border Wall . 37 Years Old Triple Amputee Brian Kolfage created the GoFundMe Account on Sunday title ‘We The People Will Fund The Wall” and in the the 4 days the collected fund already raised over $3 Millions in donations .

  •  A GoFundMe page titled We The People will Fund The Wall was made Sunday
  • In three days it has effectively raised over $3 Millions of its $1 billion objective
  • Purple Heart beneficiary Brian Kolfage, 37, made the page and stated: ‘It’s dependent upon Americans to assist and contribute to kick it into high gear’
  • The Florida father-of-two lost the two legs and arm in 2004 guerilla assault in Iraq
  • President Trump is requesting $5billion to assemble the southern outskirt divider

The GoFundMe Campaign got steam this week, when Trump on Tuesday surrendered his requests that Congress apportion $5 billion for the divider or face an administration shutdown. Trump had recently said he would be “glad” to close down the administration to get his divider cash. Be that as it may, it rapidly wound up evident that legislators on the two sides of the walkway were not partial to that proposition. On Wednesday, Congress passed a transient spending bill to maintain a strategic distance from a shutdown by the Friday due date – yet that bill contained no cash for Trump’s fringe divider, leaving its future being referred to as Democrats assume control over the House one month from now.

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